Sixth Grade

Sixth graders explore historical accuracies of both Old and New Testaments as they grow in God's grace through key concepts of repentance, forgiveness, and grace, and are encouraged to put these truths into action in their lives.  God's Word is studied and several of the Six Chief Parts of Luther's Small Catechism are the basis for memorization and practice in students' daily walk in Christ.  Literature students develop and employ critical thinking skills as they learn to analyze text and compose their rationale in written form.  Daily practice of traditional English grammar is utilized.  Students explore the fundamentals of algebra and problem solving in mathematics.  Scientifically, sixth graders examine Life, Earth, and Physical sciences using our hands-on Battle Creek Science Curriculum.  Using the concepts of history and geography, the sixth grade geography curriculum introduces students to various societies and cultures of the Western Hemisphere in ancient, middle, and modern times.  Students investigate land mass, location, and economic and political influences on the peoples of this region. Grades six through eight comprise our Upper Grades; these classes benefit from academic departmentalization among our Upper Grade staff.


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Sixth Grade Homeroom Teacher

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