Middle school students traveled to the ConRail Train Yard in Detroit to pack boxcars for Lutheran World Relief. They unloaded semis and trucks of donated goods from across the region and loaded them into boxcars to be delivered to those in need.

Our mission is to educate vibrant, missional Christ-followers who will go out into the world and profess and serve as His ambassadors.  To do this effectively, we prioritize Biblical instruction and teaching as well as opportunities to put faith in action where the Gospel message can be shared.  We strongly believe that it is important to give our young disciples opportunities to live out their faith and share the hope of the Gospel.

Teachers design and implement individual classroom outreach activities that are age appropriate for students, and these activities specifically share the Gospel with the recipients.  In addition, we also embrace numerous school-wide outreach opportunities as well.  Listed below are samples of various outreach projects the students of St. Matthew have participated in during the various school years:

  • Writing to congregational Shut-ins or people who are ill
  • Sending letters of encouragement to Service men and women
  • Assembling boxes for Operation Christmas Child
  • Becoming prayer partners with our International Friends and doing various activities together to learn each other's culture
  • Loading boxcars of donated goods for Lutheran World Relief
  • Singing Christmas carols at local nursing homes
  • Raising money to send disadvantaged kids to Christian summer camp
  • Collecting and assembling Easter lunches for St. Paul, Pontiac
  • Collecting Bibles for children in India

For the past several years, our upper grade students have assisted in harvesting food for those in need at the Forgotten Harvest Farm:

"Each second that I spent working hard, someone else will have to spend one less second working hard. The thought that just a few hours of my time would impact many days of someone else's year was wonderful. It is so amazing how God can take us, His servants, and allow us to do work for just a few hours that will impact people for the rest of their lives. I sincerely hope that I eliminated someone's need for soap, or helped a child go to school, through God's awesome power." Maddie T., Grade 7

Students become prayer partners with our International Friends and do various activities together through out the year to learn about each other's culture.Student Council hosted a "Packing the Pantry for Pontiac" breakfast. This event brought in 764 pantry items, plus $45 in cash donations for our sister congregation, St. Paul, to help feed their community in Pontiac. First grade students made cards for Shut-ins and people who are ill or in the hospital.





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