One of the most significant blessings of St. Matthew Lutheran School is your child's ability to grow in his/her relationship with the Lord Jesus.  Worship is a significant part of this process.  Each day, our students have classroom opportunities to worship God, but once a week, our students also have the ability to participate in age appropriate corporate worship.

Middle school students traveled to the ConRail Train Yard in Detroit to pack boxcars for Lutheran World Relief. They unloaded semis and trucks of donated goods from across the region and loaded them into boxcars to be delivered to those in need.

Our mission is to educate vibrant, missional Christ-followers who will go out into the world and profess and serve as His ambassadors.  To do this effectively, we prioritize Biblical instruction and teaching as well as opportunities to put faith in action where the Gospel message can be shared.  We strongly believe that it is important to give our young disciples opportunities to live out their faith and share the hope of the Gospel.

Our 8th grade students transported 400 lunches and 180 hats and gloves to the NOAH Project's Community Center for the homeless in Detroit. The students greeted and distributed lunches and beverages with kindness and compassion.

Our prayer is for the Lord to "give us His eyes" so we can have the ability to see areas we can just be the hands and feet of Jesus and do acts of kindness.  Sometimes, these activities may include the opportunity to witness the name of Jesus, but many times, service involves a more subtle approach in sharing God's love with others.

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