Laura Toman

Fifth Grade Teacher

Miss Toman earned her undergraduate degree in Education from Concordia University - Ann Arbor MI, and her Master in Reading from Eastern Michigan University - Ypsilanti MI.  As the fifth grade teacher of our school, she takes pleasure in reading, traveling, and going to the movies.

  • "Miss Toman makes learning fun!  My favorite part of being in her classroom was when the whole class would laugh along with Miss Toman!  She made us feel as though we are sharing God's love in her class!" ~ Ben Flake, Grade 5
  • "Miss Toman is a St. Matthew treasure.  With her years of experience, and her readiness to serve God, she creates a perfect environment for learning.  She has mastered the skill of teaching to the individual needs of each student while adding classroom enjoyment.  Because of Miss Toman's dedication to teaching, students will leave her class with the skills they need to succeed in their future." ~ Mrs. Karen Delnick

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