What an Incre-DI-ble Experience!

Last week, two St. Matthew teams had the opportunity to participate at the DI Global Tournament, which was located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Both teams were blessed with a fabulous experience, which concluded with our seventh grade team earning a 16th Global placement, and our third/fourth grade team earning a 35th Global placement. Both teams would like to thank everyone for their encouragement, support, and prayers! To help paint a little picture of Globals, here are a few insights from the team members.

"I really enjoyed interacting and trading pins with kids from all around the world. I will always remember performing in front of all the people and how God gave me the confidence to do so."  - Gus Nelson, grade 7

"I really enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies and meeting people from different countries when pin trading. One important thing that I learned was working together as a team can really help you reach goals."   -Logan Kelm, grade 3

"The most valuable lesson I learned was to take every opportunity you are given in life, because that will lead to a great future. The one thing I will always remember from Globals was being in the stadium and seeing people hold up flags from different countries and realizing how many different people were there."  -Natalie Miller, grade 7

"I will always remember all the people that were at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. At Globals, I learned that not everyone knows about God and we should tell them." -Bethany Latzke, grade 3

"I really enjoyed playing in the human hamster ball and visiting the "library" (which is how we explained where we were going when Mrs. Palka had to get her third graders to bed one night). I grew through God because I used my talents for Him."   -Jack Bond, grade 7

"The most important lessons I learned were the importance of team work and problem solving. I also learned that the longer the car ride, the better something will probably be."  -Henry Kutz, grade 3

"I really enjoyed the fun celebrations, pin trading, and the parties. The most valuable lesson I learned is that God can make amazing things happen when you put your trust in Him."  -Lydia Veenstra, grade 7

"I will remember that I was allowed to eat a whole bag of Doritos, 15 pieces of bacon, 4 waffles, and how China and Texas dominated at the Awards Ceremony. I also learned that you can still do your best, even if you don't place as high as you wanted to."  -Tyler Webb, grade 4

"I enjoyed pin trading and meeting people from other countries. I learned ways to communicate with people who do not speak my language." -Jess Duff, grade 7

"My favorite part of DI Globals was getting to trade pins.  I learned that it doesn't matter what score you get, as long as you have fun."  -Ayla Campbell, grade 3

"I enjoyed pin trading because I met new people from different countries. I learned more about teamwork; we were in big crowds and had to figure out how to not get separated!"  -Reegan Rohman, grade 7

"My favorite part of Globals was pin trading, performing our skit, and watching 7th grade perform.  I learned to have patience with my teammates." -Camryn Bladzik, grade 3

"I enjoyed working as a team with people and learned to not give up - no matter how hard the task."  -Alan Golden, grade 7

"My favorite part of DI Globals was trading pins and hanging out with the team in the dorm.  I learned that you always have to work as a team."  -Harper Przekop, grade 3

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