Large or Small... God Can Use Us All! A Third Grade Student's Experience of Having God's Eyes to Help Those In Need

"Whatever you do for the least of these, you have done unto Me." Matthew 25:40

We live in a society where "list making" is a very prominent organizational strategy.  We make grocery lists, "To Do" lists, favorite playlists, check lists, chore lists, and even wish lists.  Sometimes, my desk can be so cluttered with lists, that I need a list to remind me to finish each list!

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with third grader, Joe Lancaster, and learned about his "Do Something" list.  He told me that he began this list last year when our school motto was "Do Something", and he explained that his list includes ways that he could help people who are sick, hungry, or in need.  Over the summer, his mom heard a news story about "The Detroit Food Pantry" and how Citizens Bank would match any amount given to this organization.  He told me that his reply was, "Oooooh! That's a good idea to put on my "Do Something" list."

Quickly, Joe's budding entrepreneurial skills ignited as he executed his very first business plan to establish a lemonade stand.  The idea was so successful that he expanded his franchise to his lake house location as well.  With two successful locations, he was able to generate a profit of $85.  With the match from Citizens Bank, Joe's efforts provided enough funding to pay for 511 meals for the Detroit Food Pantry to serve to people who are in need.

Joe told me that when he was able to give all that money to the Detroit Food Pantry, he felt very happy because instead of just looking at people who need help and feeling bad, he actually was able to do something about this problem.  Joe was experiencing the incredible joy that comes when you allow the Lord to use you to be His hands and feet to help a hurting world.

Our 8th graders had this same discussion last Thursday during their religion class as the Lord was allowing them to see the hurting hurricane victims. As a result, they voted to host a Bake Sale this Friday entitled "Treats for Texas".

On this day, their Bake Sale will begin outside by the Fabulous Friday Parent Coffee Hour.  Please stop by and enjoy a coffee and meet some new friends, while shopping around at the 8th Grade Bake Sale.  All proceeds from this sale will be given straight to the LCMS Texas District, where they will distribute funds to the most urgent of needs.

As we begin this school year with the motto of "Give Me Your Eyes", we pray that the Lord will allow us to see and respond to those who are hurting and that His name may be glorified in the process.

I look forward to "seeing" you at Fabulous Fridays and the Bake Sale!

In Jesus' love,
Mrs. Palka

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