Looks Can Be Deceiving!

"He who watches over you will not slumber" Psalm 121:3

Do you know someone who can always experience and retell the most hilarious stores?  I have been blessed with a few such entertaining people in my life. When I receive texts from them or there is a knock on my office door, I instantly smile because I know that I am in for a good laugh!

A few years ago, one of my very funny friends just happened to appear at my office door and his twinkling eyes were already indicating that he had a great story to share.  He started by telling me that he and his boys had the opportunity to attend a Pistons game at the Palace.  When they arrived at the game and parked the car, he specifically told his boys to remember D1 as their designated parking aisle.  The game went into an exciting overtime, causing the event to conclude later than usual, and a sea of anxious people trying to flee from the parking lot at the same time.  Being experienced at quick escapes from large events, the trio raced to their car located in D1 with the youngest son blazing the trail.  After everyone hopped into the vehicle, the dad performed his normal routine of removing his wallet from his back pocket and placed it in the console.  However, that's when he noticed that something didn't feel normal.  The driver's seat was not in its correct position, and the mirrors weren't aligned properly to the point that it caused the dad to verbally express, "You know, something is not quite right."  This statement caught the attention of the son in the front seat and as he started to look around, he also agreed.  That is when the son in the back seat announced, "That's because we're in the wrong car!"
With an electric jolt of panic that the proper owners were about to catch them, the trio jumped out and hopped into their own car, which was the exact brand, color, and located in the parking spot directly next to the car that they had temporarily visited.  Immediately, they started the car and attempted to leave the parking lot as fast as possible, laughing at their mistake and commenting what are the chances to have to identical cars parked next to each other!

It wasn't until sometime on Saturday when the dad went to make a purchase that he realized in his fury to get out of the wrong car, he had left his wallet in the other van's console.  Immediately, he called and cancelled every credit card that was contained in his wallet.
Sunday morning, as his family attempted to leave for church, all possible landlines and cell phones started to ring with calls from various fraudulent divisions of the credit card companies.  Apparently, those who found the surprise wallet in their car felt that it was an invitation to go on a fabulous shopping spree for massive amounts of merchandise in the tune of thousands of dollars at a time.  What a relief that all of the credit cards had already been cancelled!
Romans 8:28 states, "We know in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."
Even though this was an unfortunate circumstance, this family was able to see God's hand of protection that those cards had been cancelled before the spending spree began.
As we begin 2018, may you experience a peace-filled New Year knowing that He who watches over you NEVER slumbers! God is charge and always in control!
In His love,
Mrs. Palka

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