Showing God's Love to Ukraine

St. Matthew Outreach Effort During Week of April April 4 - 8
"For whatever you do for the least of these, you’ve done unto Me.”
Matthew 25:40

The other day, as Upper Graders were collecting donations for our “Showing God’s Love To Ukraine” project at the 100 wing doors, one of our St. Matthew dads stopped and chatted with me after making his donation. He shared with me that his father owns a hotel in Romania, about thirty minutes from the Ukraine boarder. Currently, his father’s hotel is full and most guests are people who escaped from Ukraine. He also shared that his dad’s property is close enough to the border that he can actually hear the bombings that are occurring as well. What is transpiring in Ukraine is a horrific situation, and the people experiencing these dangerous conditions need to be showered with the hope and love of Jesus.

One of the main priorities of St. Matthew Lutheran School is to train, equip and deploy our students to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18).
I can’t describe the joy it brings our entire staff watching the Holy Spirit stir in the hearts of our 6th - 8th graders as they have become so extremely passionate to help the Ukrainians.

For the past week, St. Matthew Lutheran School has been hosting a week long outreach effort entitled, “Showing God’s Love To Ukraine”, designed to support Lutheran World Relief and their efforts to provide assistance to the people of Ukraine. During this week, we have experienced tremendous joy watching God work powerfully throughout our entire student body. The Upper Grades are making this suspenseful by keeping the grand totals pretty quiet, but there will be much rejoicing and honoring God when the grand total is revealed on Friday evening after the Baked Goods Sale!

Just a reminder, this campaign will come to a delicious conclusion on Friday during the dismissal process as the Upper Graders host a “Parking Lot Bake Sale”! This is a first in St. Matthew history but promises to be memorable! As cars enter to park for dismissal, they will be greeted by Upper Graders inquiring if they would like to give a “free will donation” for a very small sampling of the world renowned and legendary Mrs. Colby’s brownies and/or a half loaf of delicious Cinnamon Chip Bread, prepared by the Commerce Twp. Great Harvest Bread Company. We pray that this will be a “sweet” way to help those who are in need!

In addition, we know that there is tremendous power in prayer, and we are encouraging all of our St. Matthew families to please pray daily for for those in Ukraine, as well as the efforts of Lutheran World Relief. Please click PDF icon HERE for a wonderful tool designed by a Ukrainian minister that you can put somewhere in your home as a visual reminder to keep Ukrainians in your prayers.

During this Lenten season, as we remember all that Jesus has done for us, we thank you for joining us as we work to be the hands and feet of Christ for the Ukrainian people.

In Jesus’ Love,
Mrs. Palka

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