Happy Mother's Day

"A woman who respects the Lord should be praised." Proverbs 31:30

One thing that I enjoy is hearing and telling a good story! As a principal, I can tell you that my days are filled with treasured moments where the students of our school say or do things that are absolutely priceless. However, I also have the privilege of hearing hilarious stories from parents regarding situations that occur in the home environment as well.

One of my favorite stories involved a little boy who loved his mom dearly. In his desire to help his mom with her housework, he decided that he would provide assistance in washing the kitchen floor. In attempts to expedite this process, he thought that the outdoor garden hose could assist in getting the job done in a more efficient manner. So, he retrieved the hose from the backyard and using all of his might, he dragged it into the kitchen. With a few turns of the spigot, the pressure caused the water to flow on to the kitchen floor at an incredible rate of speed. Giving a totally new meaning to the phrase "power-wash", his mom walked in on him just as he was beginning the rinse cycle. You can just imagine the look of appreciation on her face! However, this particular mom saw things in a unique way. Instead of getting angry, she grabbed the video camera to document the act that she knew was meant with the best of intentions.

Praise God for moms who are the cheerleaders, encouragers, and taxi-drivers who can memorize the daily schedule of events in a blink of an eye. Praise God for moms who spend late nights talking with their children and helping them process the events that transpired throughout the day, who endure sleepless nights staying up with a sick child, and who wipe away tears of frustration and hurt. Praise God for moms, who in the difficult situations, point their children to Jesus for direction and guidance. And if you are a mom reading this... we praise God for you!
Happy Mother's Day!
In Jesus' Love,
Mrs. Palka

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