Stop Focusing on the Walls and Look Out the Windows!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 

Have you ever noticed the wide variety of different automobile window clings and/or bumper sticker messages that people place on their vehicles? There are decals that profess loyalty to various universities (Go Blue!) and educational institutions (YAY St. Matthew Chargers!). There are bumper stickers that recognize there is an honor student within the family. There are window clings that also proclaim political stances, preferred dog breed, and favorite sports teams. And sometimes there are just extremely witty comments to make you smile and laugh. 

A few weeks ago, I was experiencing one of those days where it just seemed like everything that could go wrong actually did, and as a result, my heart was heavy with a significant burden. Later that day, I found myself sitting in an exceptionally long line at McDonald's waiting to order a Diet Coke, when I noticed the window cling on the car ahead of me. It was a simple advertisement for a local church that contained three Bible verses. Sitting and trying to patiently wait for my turn, I found myself with the time to look up each verse on my phone. Instantly, my heart was comforted by the constant theme of the messages…God is in control. He will work all things for His good.

I was so incredibly grateful for the powerful witness and comforting reminder that this window cling provided that I decided that I needed express my gratitude to the unknowing driver in the car ahead of me. After all, her window was rolled down so it was almost as if she was inviting and welcoming a conversation from the stranger in the car behind her because that is so normal, right? (I promise, I don’t make this a habit to get out of my car and talk to people in drive thru lines!)

I tried not to startle her as I approached her car, but I just told her that if her church ever evaluates and wonders if these window clings are valuable tools that are worth the cost. I was there to confirm that they were very effective and beneficial! She thanked me for sharing that with her, and I was happy that she didn’t immediately roll up her window after our brief conversation! Even sweeter, when my turn came at the window, she had already paid for my drink!

Often, when I supervise lunch duty, I have the joy of kids running up to me and showing me love notes that a parent had hidden inside their lunchboxes. I saw this window cling experience as a similar experience in which God gave me a love note written on the back of that car. 

God uses so many things to remind of us His presence as well as His power. He will always use His Word to speak directly to us. In addition, He will often use other people, our children, the beautiful of nature, worship, and circumstances, as well as window clings to touch our hearts as well. 

Have fun this week looking for the little love notes that He scatters for you throughout each day!

In Jesus’ Love,

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